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Colloidal silver is not an essential mineral for the human body according to the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Colloidal silver products are often liquids which have tiny particles of silver only.

The United States government’s various health agencies do not even recognize silver as being beneficial to the human body. Indeed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken action against companies selling colloidal silver products due to making unproven health claims. Some government agencies have however found topical colloidal silver may have health benefits. Australian labeling and food standards authorities are very strict upon whats actually advertised , stacks up to whats delivered. There are also severe penalties and consequences for business/brands that are guilty of non-compliance.

So, I have personally used and experienced this brand and very happy with the results…

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Spray is made from 99.999% Pure Silver due to its 10 stage water filtration.The 10 stage laboratory water filtration is important in the Colloidal Silver process because it excludes the tiniest microscopic contaminants as much as 0.1 microns. What is created from this 10 stage water filtration is an ultra-fine particle size ranging from 0.0001 microns that ensures effective action.

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About the brand…

The natural healthcare formulations in the Medicines from Nature range are based on research, and the latest technological advances in processes including extraction, standardisation, manufacturing and stabilisation techniques….

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