SilverLungs Generators Testimonials

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SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
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g. edward griffin - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
    “I have been using colloidal silver for over twenty years. It has served my family well for the control of every kind of infection imaginable. I even use it as a deodorant, because of its ability to kill odor-causing bacteria. In the past, I made this product at home with a device that cost more than SilverLungs but only produced a liquid form. Now I use the vaporizer, which delivers the silver directly to the lungs for faster absorption.”G. Edward GriffinWeb Site: Web Site Bio
colloidal silver generator - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
mike adams - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
    “What’s really cool about the SilverLungs deluxe kit is that it includes a vaporizer which allows you to inhale silver vapor directly into your lungs as a way to kill bacteria. The outright censorship and oppression of colloidal silver is one of the most astonishing stories of oppression in the history of medicine and science, and one day I have no doubt that silver will finally be widely recognized as powerful medicine.The SilverLungs Generator product is really impressive because it allows you to make your own colloidal silver for mere pennies per serving.– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of
colloidal silver generator - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
rebecca carley, md - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
    “I, my pets, & thousands of my clients have been using colloidal silver for about 15 years. It can be ingested, inhaled, put in eyes & ears, used to wash vegetables & many other applications; however, as shown in the photographic evidence of one of my clients with deep 2nd degree burns from scalding hot coffee, used to heal skin wounds WITHOUT SCARRING.Although I have tried different colloidal silver generators over the years, the SilverLungs Generator is the best on the market, in my opinion. The uses for the colloidal silver are endless; and by owning your own generator, you can make a bottle for pennies for the rest of your life. My 3 dogs, 2 cats and I drink it everyday.”Rebecca Carley, MDWeb Site:
colloidal silver generator - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials

our customers - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
“Can you buy all of the things separately to make your own Silver Solutions? Yes. Can you get all of the things you need at a cheaper price than SilverLungs? Yes. Will they be the right items? Maybe. Will you get good results with a cobbled together kit? Maybe. But in spending quite a few hours researching this, not only is it risky to make up your own kit… it can even be dangerous.As someone who is new to producing my own silver solutions, I did a bunch of research before settling on SilverLungs for my purchase. The Deluxe kit seemed to include everything I would need and I thought the price was fair for a kit that would have me up and running almost immediately. My instincts have paid off and I am already well on my way to breaking even on my purchase after just a few days!This kit was obviously packaged with love and care. Every item was placed in the box in a perfect place that would insure it’s protection on its long journey to my doorstep. I received everything I needed to not only make my own silver solutions, but to bottle it, dispense it, and inhale it. And there was enough of everything included that I will be able to make my own solutions almost for the rest of my life. After reading through the very easy to follow and well illustrated manual I proceeded to make my first 32 oz batch of ionic silver. It took a little less than 2 hours and I was able to bottle it! The same (or better in my opinion) quality of some of the other brands you can buy at around 70$ for 32 oz! I couldn’t wait to try nebulizing the solution as I have had lung issues my entire life and was hoping that inhaling ionic silver might help alleviate some of that. The nebulizer included in my kit seemed of relatively high quality. It works perfectly. I have now used it 3 times over the last 3 days and I have a *noticiable* difference in my breathing, energy level, etc. It really works for me!

I have used (ingested) store bought silver solutions over the years and have had fair results. But, like pretty much everything else… there is nothing like home made. I promise that if you follow the instructions included in the deluxe kit to the letter, you will be making the most high quality and purest silver solutions available right in your own home. I can’t say enough good things about my entire SilverLungs experience thus far and I highly recommend one of the SilverLungs kits to every person that cares about using high quality natural solutions for their well-being and health. Thank you SilverLungs!” – Robert

“I have one horse that gets a fungus when there’s a lot of rain. After many hundreds of dollars of vet bills, I decided to try spraying on the silver. It works quickly and completely! Thanks for a great product, couldn’t live without it!” – Carol

“I have been using and making colloidal silver for over 20 years. Out of all the batteries type generators to other generators that I have bought and used over the years I have to say that your SilverLungs Generator is by far the best on the market. It works perfect! I cant thank you enough. You make a beautiful product that produces the highest quality colloidal silver I have ever seen. Thanks again!” – Beau

“One more quick note. Just wanted to say thanks again. I have 5 kids and not one has missed a day of school or even been sick, or have a cough since using your product. My 5 year old had a cough for 1 day. Usually they would all catch something and be coughing or ill for several weeks…” – Michael

“The Silver Lungs Generator arrived earlier this week, and I used it for the first time yesterday to make a 20ppm ionic silver solution. I followed your thorough, well-written instructions, and everything worked like it should. The end product was finished in around 3 hours and measured 18ppm (started with 0ppm). Thank you for a well-designed product.” – Greg

“Awesome kit. Received yesterday. High Quality equipment. As an R&D Engineer, first impressions are good. Will start production today. Only SilverLungs recognizes the importance of pulmonary delivery for near IV effectiveness Lung, or pulmonary, delivery is the cutting edge of modern delivery. The ultrasonic nebulizer ensures that no heat or other reaction is induced into the silver solution thus ensuring full efficacy. A high quality ultrasonic nebulizer is provided in the deluxe kit – a worthy investment. A magnetic stirrer – excellent. Overall, the value of the deluxe kit is immediately recognized when the box is first opened and a “whole lab” is revealed. Good Job! Kind Regards.” – Joseph

“I want to share an interesting, important and entirely true story — a friend’s 8-year-old daughter came into contact with aerosolized poison ivy – somehow through the action of hot, dry air and a lawn mower foraging into tall weeds…  Anyway, daughter was a complete mess, medical emergency, bulging and blistering over most of her body, particularly the exposed areas – she had trouble breathing, eyes puffed-closed, etc.  Emergency room / hospital drugs did not appear to work.  Out of sheer luck and desperation my friend liberally sprayed his daughter with the 20ppm colloidal silver I had recently made and given to him.  Within hours his daughter was mostly back to normal, and by the next day she was almost entirely back to normal: No scarring, no bloating, no nothing – just a bit of mind trauma from the sheer severity and immediacy of reaction.  He basically credits the colloidal silver made using your device with directly saving her life.” – Mike“Hey Mario, I wanted to show you an example of just how powerful CS really is. This is my buddy Mark’s hand. The picture of his swollen hand was taken AFTER 4 days in the hospital and AFTER 4 days of receiving 3 different intravenous antibiotics. The hospital said that the infection was resistant to the drugs that they were giving him and they considered surgery and even mentioned amputation. I gave him silver and within 24 hours, the swelling subsided drastically and by the second day the swelling was almost completely gone. A picture speaks a 1,000 words.” – Josh

Infected Hand - SilverLungs Generators Testimonials

“I have one horse that gets a fungus when there’s a lot of rain. After many hundreds of dollars of vet bills, I decided to try spraying on the silver. It works quickly and completely! Thanks for a great product, couldn’t live without it!” – Carol

“Thanks so much for sending our Silver Generator as quickly as you did. I have made 3 batches already (2 ionic / 1 colloidal) and find it just as you have stated. It’s quick, quiet and quite affective! I like that it turns off by itself (quicker than the estimated 3 hours.) The amount of silver in the water has consistently been within range. It is now so easy to make colloidal silver solution. I developed a toothache over the weekend and held some ionic silver in my mouth twice a day for 2 days and it seems to have completely handled the discomfort. Now, I’m not sure what to tell my Dentist tomorrow. Many thanks to you again.” – Maxine (Los Angeles)

“Hey Mario, got my generator yesterday. Everything was as expected. Already made a batch. I’m very pleased. Thanks for providing such a great product!” Joshua

“A friend owns one and gave me some he made. I used it on (what I was told to be a wart) by a doctor. I first got the “wart” in March of 2013 and each month it got worse. After a week of this silver, it is all gone! Thank you!” – Brian

    “I highly recommend the Silverlungs colloidal/ionic silver generator for producing silver solutions; it is a superb product. Each component is very high quality and the instruction book is excellent – it clearly describes the proper use of the equipment, allowing the user to easily make either colloidal and/or ionic silver. A premium item that is well worth the money.” – Robert Beiswenger | LtCol USAF (Ret)

    “Hello, I would like first to say a big thank-you for making this product “SilverLungs” available to the world and me in Queensland, Australia. The package arrived safe with the easy instructions and I found distilled water they use for ironing spray’s at the supermarket for $2.45. It read 000. So, now I have turned this into a beautiful golden honey color after reading your very clearly written instructions. I am thrilled with the SilverLungs complete package and recommend this to everyone for their families general health. Thanks again.” Robb

“The most amazing thing I have found is that I couldn’t get rid of my toddlers diaper rash with anything. I tried Triple Paste and other creams and even one made by an herbalist; nothing worked. I started spraying the 20PPM silver on her and it completely cleared the horrible rash in 2 days!” Beth

“…just wanted to say thank you, again! We are enjoying our SilverLungs Generator very much! Great system, very easy to use and makes a great product!” Mike

“If you are in any doubt about which silver generator to buy – I’d definitely recommend this one – I believe it has no equal. I’m thrilled with my deluxe kit, it’s fun to use and comes with a well thought out and easy to follow step-by-step book that will guarantee perfect results time after time with almost negligible running costs. After all I have studied about Ionic and Colloidal Silver – the kit allows you to make both types, I came to the firm conclusion that the Silverlungs kit is definitely a very worthwhile investment. I believe that it will both save money and benefit one’s friends & family in the long run. One of the best aspects of the Silverlungs experience is that Mario is very knowledgeable in the field and always answers any queries within hours, so five stars for an outstanding product and service, both before and after purchase. Highly recommended!” Graeme, London UK

“Mario, first let me tell you that your generator kit is Awesome. I have made a lot of batches for my family, friends, and church members. My children get a little sniffle and the next day it is gone. I have done much more research since buying the generator and all I can say is that with every bit of research I do, I understand much more what a superior kit the SilverLungs Generator is. Every bit of the system is top grade and produces a silver solution that is higher quality than any other ionic or colloidal silver product out there. I can produce for pennies what would cost me $50 at the store. Thanks for putting this together.” Byron

“Hi, I ordered this several years ago and have been using it quite a bit. I’m making silver solutions for several people, my parents, family and friends included. We are VERY happy with everything! Colloidal silver is a Godsend. We haven’t had to go to doctors and/or take antibiotics since we received the generator kit and started using it. Awesome!” Bill

“Thank you so much for making this product available. I’ve not been able to stop singing its praises to friends and neighbors since it arrived and I made my first batch of ionic silver solution. After suffering for more than a month with congested sinuses and constant sneezing, two sprays into the nasal passages stopped all my symptoms. It was unbelievable! My husband was suffering from asthma and extreme congestion in his lungs. Since he began using the nebulizer and ionic silver solution his symptoms have shown great improvement.” Murray

“…just received my SilverLungs kit. I think that I looked at every colloidal silver generator out there, and nothing even came close to your product. I mean there was nothing in the same ballpark!” Don
    “Hi Mario, I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Thank you again for you’re superior product, The SilverLungs Generator! It has been a blessing in my life and the lives of my family. :)” Frank

    “We wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the attention to detail in product and packaging. In today’s market there is very little pride taken in any aspect of production and business. It was wonderful to open our order and be pleased with our purchase.” Linda

    “Received my Deluxe SilverLungs kit yesterday….I’m very impressed with the quality of every aspect of the equipment and information provided. I’m already supplying my friends and neighbors with Silver water.” Bob

    “Hi Mario, I wanted to express my complete satisfaction with the SilverLungs Generator. It was very securely packaged and in working order, thank you! Also, thanks for the “reducing agent” you provided to make pure silver colloid solution, I wasn’t expecting that! This definitely is a “top notch” device and has exceeded all my expectations!” Frank

    “Just wanted to let you know that the silverlungs generator came perfectly packaged and was so easy to understand with the colored picture manual. The generator itself is very cool and professional looking and works amazing! It looks and works so much better than ANY OTHER generator I researched (they all kind of look homemade.) Thank you very much for making this available to the public. My son wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for colloidal silver as he was getting antibiotic resistant from all the times he had infections. But the $50 a bottle was killing me. I’m so happy I can make my own now!” Millie

“If only we would have found your product years ago!” Marcus

“Thank you for such a fine product and service!” Dorothy
“Finally I have the peace of mind of knowing the source and quality of my colloidal silver.” Ronnie
    Our silver solutions are a staple for every camping trip and vacation now that we can produce our own at home…” John
    “We bought a SilverLungs Generator from you last year now, and we have had fantastic results with it. Excellent product!” Simon
“…much better than my previous generator!” Doug

“We use this for our pets daily. Great product, thank you!” Belinda

SilverLungs Generators Testimonials


SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
SilverLungs Generators Testimonials
SilverLungs Generators Testimonials

SilverLungs Generators Testimonials

SilverLungs Generators Testimonials

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